Sesame Street Poetry!

This is a video I came across on YouTube and it sparked my interest. I found it interesting how Sesame Street was teaching poetry to the youth of today by parodying a popular television show creating a distinct televisual experience for both child and parent. By using a well known show Sons of Anarchy Sesame Street is trying to keep kids engaged and parents somewhat interested. The television here is the technological medium where Sesame Street can reach the youth of today shaping and molding their minds.


Dylan Garity talks the broken American Education System.

This video of a poetry slam at the National Poetry Slam competition really jumped out at me for two main reasons. The first reason is the message Dylan Garity is portraying through spoken word. Garity uses poetry to convey that English as a second language is a significant topic that deserves the attention of policy makers in the United States. The medium of spoken word also allows for Garity to put more emphasis on an increasingly nuanced topic cutting through the nonsense and getting straight to the point. The second reason that this poetry slam interested me was without the use of technology this message may not have been able to penetrate the 240.000 Youtube viewers along with the hundreds of people that were live at the competition. Garity speaks so passionately and eloquently about this sensitive and under appreciated subject however, without the use of something as simple as a microphone he would not have been able to reach as many peoples ears has he did. In addition, without the use of recording technologies this poetry slam would not have been seen by 240.000 people on Youtube. Technology helps usher this message of inequality and other equally important message into the forefront where it can not be ignored. Without these technologies imperative issues could get left behind or lost in the sea of equally important ideas.