5 Poetry Applications for The iPad!

1. Poetry Daily- Poetry Daily is a poetry application that sends you a new poem everyday from a wide range of mediums. This application is good for discovering new poetry from obscure publications all over the world. This application is easy to use and navigate as the idea is as straight forward as the interface.

2. Verses Notebook- This is a notebook application similar to many found on different interfaces from the iPad to an Android to a PC computer. The twist of this application that makes it poetry related is that this notebook helps aspiring poets by finding rhyming words for the poet. Along with the traditional application, allowing poets to log their collection of work, the application really is an essential for poets.

3.Poetry Everywhere- This is a poetry collection from a host of well known poets reading their own works. This application is fun because it is more interactive than a lot of the poetry collection applications. This applications is more interactive through the multitude of videos which engage the user to be more active in their poetic experience. Cool application really easy to use.

4.American Poetry- This application was cool but, i thought they could have done it better. This application has a library of the 50 best American poets and a collection of over 5000 poems. I like how comprehensive they got but, this application is limited. I think this application would be better with the top 50 poets from all nations (or at least a few from each of the smaller countries). This would allow for this application to be popular outside of America and American poet enthusiasts.


5. Poetry Notes- Is a good application for poets looking for feedback on their poetry. Sometimes when writing poetry it is hard to get an objective point of view. This application will analyze the form, structure, and overall feel of your poems and give you unbiased feedback. Although, the application costs 0.99 cents per analysis I think for some poets this tool could really be beneficial for them to grow in their art form.    


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