5 Additional Poetry Blogs to Check Out

1. Blog-http://zicoydelia.wordpress.com/category/david-bowie/

Many of David Bowie’s songs have qualities and characteristics that could be associated with poetry but, what really caught my attention to this blog was a machine called the Verbalizer. This is a machine created by apple that takes random words from its infinite vocabulary and makes sentences out of them. This allows for a greater type of creativeness as artists can pick and choose from sentences and structures that they never thought of before. 

2. Blog-http://latenightpoets.com/poet-to-poet/

This blog is a mix of textual and concrete poetry. The layout of this blog is easy to navigate and there is a ton of unique poetry. Some of the poetry is professionally done and some of the poetry is user generated making for a diverse variety of interesting reads. 

3.Blog- http://blkbuttaflie.wordpress.com

This is an amateur blog produced by a wife and mother based out of a small town in Texas, She uses this blog to let off steam while pursuing her dream to become a professionally published poet. This blogger has a unique perspective and it really comes out in her poetry. Take a look if you enjoy a truly thought provoking perspective. 

4. Blog- http://phillipharrisonsblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/

This blog is done by a writer named Philip Harrison. Harrison gives tips and tricks for up and coming poets to use to help getting over things like writers block. This blog is a good read for young poets who need a little help getting started or just need a little push in the right direction. 

5. Blog- http://journeyintopoetry.wordpress.com/

This blog is by a woman named Christine who has multiple sclerosis which definitely gives her a unique perspective. The name of this website is what first intrigued me as I always say it is not about the destination but it is about the journey. Christine understands that she has a unique perspective because of her ailment. However, she does not want her ailment to define her or her poetry. This is a wonderful site, easy to navigate and a great story behind its conception. 


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