Christian Bok

christian bok

This idea put fourth by Christian Bok to make living poetry is quite interesting. This is a prime example of how technology (more specifically modernity) and poetry intersect as poets are becoming more creative in their deployment of their art. Christian Bok successfully being able to recreate the Ecoli virus through a poem written in the chemical alphabet is truly ground breaking.

Think of all the great literature we have lost through the book burning in past wars. This idea of creating a living poem has the ability to withstand the tests of time and the ignorance of man. This could allow for some of our most influential poems, books and teachings to out live the human race. As technology grows through modernity it also greatly affects one of the oldest arts of communication in print culture.

Here is a link to a BBC news article on Christian Bok outlining some more of his accomplishments in the field of DNA poetry.


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